Dr. Carr was recommended to me by my yoga instructor. I had a hip injury that had
been causing pain for the past two years. After three weeks of treatment my painis gone and I am no longer limping. The improvement in my quality of life has been tremendous.
– Susan, Fairfield

I had an injured shoulder from playing volleyball and my parents wanted me to go and get an MRI right away…but
my dad told me to go see Dr. Carr.There was no tear; I had just strained my muscles and
with his help I feel a lot better and have almost no pain.
– Jacquie, Fairfield

Dr. Carr’s treatment gave me immediate relief after being in pain for weeks. His reassuring
nature put me right at ease. I really trust being in his care.
– Michelle, Milford

Dr. Carr is unique – he takes the time to listen and then he explains the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care plan. My pain has significantly decreased since becoming a patient. I trust Dr. Carr to treat me and I value his opinion and friendship.
– Joann, Trumbull

Dr. Carr is the best. I always see him BEFORE I see my internist or any other MD. He has the
ability to diagnose not only injuries, but also metabolic problems. For example, I went to Dr. Carr for nutrition counseling because I wanted to lose some weight, but nothing seemed to work, not even a self prescribed 800 calorie a day routine. He did not keep me coming for counseling, but instead suggested that I had a thyroid issue, which has now been resolved and guess what, the weight has come flying off. I am very happy to recommend such a fine physician who does not resent looking at the entire me… and finding simple solutions that work.
– Katrina, Westport